I hope everyone had a fantastic & delicious Thanksgiving!  We celebrated late so we could all be together, and it was lovely (and delicious).  I didn't spend much time outside this past week, but am looking forward to this Aloe ferox x. capitata opening it's bloom spikes.

And a few others are close as well.

It has definitely gotten colder, highs are 60-66 this week - lows look around 40, but we've dipped as low as 35 recently.  The greenhouse is packed full.

The new Hakea petiolaris is hopefully happy in it's new home.
The bloom is just at the beginning of a burst.
The smaller petiolaris I planted in Spring.  It did not look like it would pull through (I kept it under shade cover for July & August) and it did have a bit of recovery when the temps cooled down in September.  The new leaves look healthy.  Fingers crossed they will both be happy.
Before digging in to the Thanksgiving leftovers, Sophia, Ivan & I went on a nice walk down to the Arroyo Mocho Trail.  Big orange fungus.

Sophia spotted a cute stick house kids had put together by the creek.
Ivan found an amazing boulder he picked up for me!  I love the round crevice in it.

Another Hakea I planted in the spring  -archaeoides has really been growing strong.  This area gets a bit of afternoon shade and I'm assuming that reprieve from the hottest sun made it happy.
Broccolini is taking off!
I don't have any outdoor projects planned this week, but should do a good clean-up inside and get those Christmas trees up!

If you do celebrate, when do you put up your decorations?

We have really toned down our outside decorations since the kids are adults, but still do a bit outside.


  1. Love seeing all the great plants I can't grow! Most greenhouses up here have to be heated or more of a lean-to against a building and partly buried due to the cold weather. Overnight low yesterday at my garden was 12°F. Not really what we were expected in November with virtually no snow on the ground.

  2. I'm trying to decide which I'm more envious of: the Hakeas or your greenhouse. While we don't get cold enough here to justify the need for a greenhouse, it'd be helpful for puttering with seedlings during the cool season; however, I doubt I could convince my husband of that even if I could find space for one.

    I usually hold off on the Christmas tree until the second week in December because the trees dry out so quickly in the house. My husband is also a bit of a Scrooge re the holidays so I don't like to overwhelm him too early ;)

    1. The greenhouse has been fun, it is helping keep things dry as much as protecting from a freeze. I imagined starting seeds in there, but I don't really think there is room now, lol. I'll probably end up inside again.

      Ha, second week of December seems reasonable. Not too Scroogey! I've switched from real trees to artificial - my son is really allergic to most trees. But I do miss the great smell.

  3. Oh my ... your greenhouse. xx oo
    I am loving all your plants. :-)


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