A good days work today (and in the sun!).  I'm replanting/changing this center bed in the back.  Here is a before shot from a month ago. I still had many frost coverings up.

Dr drooling on the edge of the catnip pot.  No worries, I'll keep the catnip & catmint for him.

Pretty cleared out!  I saved plants to give away, or moved them to the front.  The speedwell & small salvia plants I will keep in this bed for pops of blue blooms amongst the cactus/succulents.   They will get moved to appropriate spots.  Next step is to replant the lime tree and order soil/rocks for mounding.  I should probably get 3 yards, but 2 sounds a little more realistic for wheelbarrowing from the front around to the back.  Probably a couple days work, then to be repeated with top dressing after planting.  

Found so many snails.  I need to spread the Sluggo around.  Miss having the chickens around to take care of the snails.

It's difficult to get a picture of the entire bed, I think I'll move one of the paths a bit.

Buried beneath the lime tree & copious dandelion *trees, I found this pretty leucadendron.  I don't remember planting this, nor the name.  Perhaps it's blue-ish because it was covered?   I'll give it a proper placement!
Found 2 preying mantis eggs- one on the acacia cognata cousin itt and one buried in the alstroemeria.  I attached one to yucca & one to a rose bush.

It was so nice to work in the sun, in a t-shirt!  No one was happier about the warmth than this guy.


  1. I've been trying to make the best of the sunny days too, while they last. You got a lot done! I don't envy you the job of moving a pile of topsoil like that but it'll be worth it in the long run. I've been putting off a mulch delivery myself until the rain stops and I know I'll have sufficient time to move it out of the driveway.

    Do you have any raccoons in residence? I've found they love snails. Of course, that's pretty much their only positive contribution to the garden ;)

    1. We do get raccoons and skunks - I'm suspicious that a neighbor trapped them. Last summer we had a particularly destructive gang of raccoons. They were tearing up lawns for grubs, I have not seen a group be so destructive. Half the yard would be tore up, mounds of dirt & grass everywhere. I was frustrated, even in my garden with no lawn. They would dig up smaller perennials and leave them to die in the heat of the day. I put down hot pepper sauce which would work for a day or two. Then I tried the motion detect ultrasonic raccoon deterrent which worked better than anything else. Then boom, those guys were GONE. I think someone got frustrated and trapped them. The skunks are particularly cute and I don't mind their digging.

      I'm waiting for that next storm to pass, then will order the topsoil. I see another storm Saturday -so hopefully I can move 2 yards Thursday/Friday.


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