Random pots and miscellaneous.  I like to document how much these grow each season, easy to do with the windows acting as a measuring tape.  Right outside the back door.  This is a HOT spot of the back, but does get shaded in the late afternoon.  

And on the pool wall, the funny double headed mexican fence post didn't do much growing last year - maybe it wants to be grounded?  The pot on the ground, I have no idea what that plant is (it has a bud, the flower might help) it was a one off clearance from a nursery in Santa Barbara I carted home last year.  I'm considering planting the potted Aloe africana at the base of the slope, what do you think?
Edited to include a close-up.  It is quite large, about 20".

This highlights work to be done, lol.  I tend to pile up pots here as it gets a bit of shade during the harshest sun of the day.

Dyckia platyphylla that Sophia picked out at the Berkeley Hort Nursery.  I love the texture and ribs of the underside, I will place a bit higher in the slope so I can enjoy the underside of the leaves.
The galvanized stock tank of second chances and rebirth.  I stick cuttings, etc. in here to see if they have a will to live.  It's full and I need to plant some of them.  No idea how the alstromeria in the center wound up here.

A random astrophytum that survived the wet winter outside, shocking!
A healthy Aloe plicatilis grown from seed *by Ivan.  

A pilosocereus azureus I moved into a pot from the ground, I thought this was a goner to rot from the wet winter.  I *think it's going to survive.  And is easier to protect against rain under the eave.  Glorious rock from American soil & stone.  I was there grabbing rubble, and it was propped upright calling my name.   All I needed was a little encouragement from Ivan.  I'm so glad I listened! 

Micky Mouse.    I trimmed off 3 other new pads, and now these 2 have grown FAST- I'm going to have to trim one.  It's getting more water than necessary - because I have new plants in the area and am trying to get them established.  I might need to move Mickey to a more desolate area?

Pots here and there.

Gelasine coerulea, bloomed in pot.
Can't resist, Apple Blossom? Amaryllis 

And I'll end here, specifically on the newly potted Liparia splendens, mountain dahlia.  I hope will be happy in this protected corner, morning sun.  Fingers crossed for blooms next year.

Happy gardening!  We have dropped from a 90 degree weekend to 78 and mid 70's this week.  I don't think Livermore will get any of the rain they are mentioning, but who knows.  


  1. Your cactus and succulent collection is huge! Is that a fan aloe in the first photo, fourth from the right? It looks so much more robust than the division I have planted in the ground. Could the plant on the ground in the third photo be Echeveria 'Cante'?

    90F already? As much as I'd like a bit of warmth after a long-cool spring, I don't look forward to temperatures like that.

    1. Yes, fan aloe. A gift from Ivan, my daughter's bf. He is an excellent plantsman and has it potted in a special mix. *I'll ask him to comment. Between the mix & the heat in Livermore, it has really accelerated growth the past year and split into multiple heads. It's on steroids! Echeveria cante - I do think that is close? When I look at images, and compare this one has really dark pink defined edges (I should've posted a close-up, I will edit the post to include). So you can actually see it, lol. The weekend was HOt hot, and I'm not complaining about the slight cool off. I'm thinking closer to the Bay will get a bit of rain, but not us. What a nutty year.

    2. I think maybe Echeveria subrigida. Thank you, you led me in the right direction!

  2. What a beautiful collection! I love your potted succulents. We've had a very hot late spring/early summer so far (for us). Highs in the high 80s/low 90s, with very little rain. Very unusual for S. Wisconsin at this time of year. The native plants are just fine (although some went dormant early), but I'm watering the annuals and potted plants every other day. I feel for the farmers, too.

    1. Thank you Beth. This is a wonky weather year for everyone I guess. We did end up getting a 10 minute shower this morning, and now nice & sunny. No need to check on new plantings for today anyway! I hope you cool off a bit there in S. Wisconsin.

  3. Yes E. subridgida possibly selection 'Fire and Ice'. Fussy and sensitive--I've killed it several times. You have a wonderful specimen there. That species might be one of the ones that exhausts itself flowering to the extent that it dies from it. Cante is one of those (or so I've read).

    "Glorious rock" indeed. What a find! It's handy to have a place to stick cuttings, a kind of plant "nursery". That stock tank looks like a great way to do that.

    Wow so you've had heat already. We're still in "June Gloom" mode (and fortunate to be there!).


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