Back home after a week away.  We were planning on visiting my daughter Olivia for a weekend in Santa Barbara (she is a student there).  Unfortunately she had a flare-up with her autoimmune disease and ended up in the hospital for 4 days 😢.  So Sophia and I drove down early to be with her.   James & Vincent flew down for the weekend,  balancing work for James and finals for Vincent.  She is better, and in the thick of it for the last few weeks of school.  I'm so grateful she is feeling better, and the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital was lovely and gave her great care.  I'm going to photo dump some spring bloom photos from the front perennial garden.

Closer up of this fat orange poppy that was buried under the blue honeywort, I almost completely missed the blooming!

All the roses are flipping & flopping, I will get out there this week and do a nice trim back.
One of my favorite poppies, Sugar Plum.  So fluffy!

I gave Dave Austen Princess Alexandra of Kent a good trim, and a nice vase full of blooms to boot.

I love Lotus berthelotii, I have them in the ground and in pots wherever I can poke them in.
In the back dry garden, the speedwell are making a nice show.  So dependable.
The foxglove is a volunteer, but she can stay.
The dudleya is happy here, lots of blooms this year.

Although it pales to this one at the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden-it was HUGE!  *I thought I took enough pictures for a blog post, but apparently I just walked around and enjoyed myself, lol.

There were several of these fungus Clathrus ruber(?) scattered around the garden, they look like soccer balls.
Back home, sweet yellow notocactus magnifcus, ballon cactus bloom.
The banksia cone has turned to a bright orange, I love it.  I'm thrilled I've managed to keep it alive for a year now.
The floppy Princess before I trimmed her back.
Dr. Feelgood is pleased to have my company again outside.  
And one final picture, this group of Echinocereus rigidissimus, rainbow hedgehog is ready to burst open with blooms.  I can't wait!

I hope everyone is enjoying their May gardens!  ~T


  1. I'm sorry your daughter ended up in the hospital and I hope she's now well on her way to recovery. You provided a lovely "photo dump." It's good of your garden to labor on in your absence and welcome you home with lots of color. That fungus may be the weirdest one I've seen yet! I love the roses, plants I have minimal success with.

    1. Thank you, she is feeling better. I was so grateful that it was cooler and I wasn't too concerned about a total torching while I was away. I had a few things in pots waiting to be planted that may have suffered a bit, but overall I got lucky.

  2. Much different plants in the front vs. the back. Love them both. Congrats on the Banksia bloom--may it give you many more!

    Sorry to read your daughter was ill--glad she's doing better and got good care.

    1. Thank you! I still hold my breath a little when I check on the Banksia, after a couple others died. The back I've converted to dry garden, I can't say I miss watering the bananas, lol.


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