Some pretty things here and there.  I've been raking, trimming tree branches but my before & after pictures seem awfully boring.  I'm going to share a few shots from the last few days instead.  
I had a few mangaves give up their fight last year with the wet/freeze combo we got around February.  I think I have 3 or 4 that made it through and are looking better now.  Below, mangave is sending out pups - I'm going to leave them be until Spring.  As well as the foxtail agave behind- they have pupped a bit as well.  To do: add them to the slope.
Reminder add more gazania!  They bloom for a good portion of the year here, and are such pretty spots of color.
Gazania Otomi 

The echeverias look like sea creatures right now, and the beautiful blooms that last for weeks.

Various salvias reblooming after a good shear late August.
Dude, these spikes are ridiculous.  To do: move away from the path.
Delphinium rebloom, always a nice surprise. 
A few dahlias blooming nicely FINALLY. Hmph.

And the prettiest of all...

We took our youngest daughter, Olivia back to school in Santa Barbara.  Quick turnaround trip.  I'm loving the beautiful Fall weather,  mid 70's-80's and nice and cool 50's at night.  I can't help but wonder what winter weather we will get this year.    How is your Fall garden?  Do you have any bulbs coming, I did order a few to pop into the slope.


  1. Most of my Mangaves don't seem to be puppers but maybe I need to look more closely under their skirts. I've noticed that 'Aztec King' is attempting to reproduce in its tight pot so I'll have to see if I can pull that pup out without pulling the plant out of its pot. Tropical Storm Hilary gave some things, like Salvia 'Mystic Spires', Lantana and Gaillardia, a boost. Dr Feelgood appears to be enjoying the sun's warmth while it's available. I don't want to think about all the bulbs I have coming in October...

    1. hahaha good point! I'm sure I've ordered some that I've completely forgotten about. I hope you can wiggle that pup out of the pot with no disruptions. Dr. gets very depressed when it does rain, and mopes about. He's lucky he lives in California!

  2. Nice - I love how the colors intensify this time of year.

    1. I agree Phillip, the stress from the heat gives way to nice intense color. I bet your garden is loving the rain you are getting.

  3. A Facebook friend from San Diego visited over the weekend and brought mangave pups, evidently his plants are pumping them out. I am happy to be the recipient.


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