A small makeover in the front corner, by the fire lane. We're settling on 80 degree days, which has been lovely.  It cools down nicely in the evenings.  Can you guess what needed cleaning up?

At first I was going to just clean up the flax and the hot lips salvia.  But quickly this turned to "oh, let's just take this out".  We are next to a fire lane that gets used by walkers and their doggies, bicyclists, kids going to and from the nearby schools.  No vehicles.  Here is a partial picture of the fire lane, this is maintained weekly by the city (and our tax dollars).  It is lovely to have the borrowed landscape next to us. *My husband hates that strip of dirt where the bicyclists cut thru.  lol otherwise we have no complaints, we feel lucky to have the nice open space next to us.

I couldn't quite fit everything in the 2 bins, but it was pick-up the next day (today,Thursday) so I took care of the rest the next morning.  I had a leucodendron that was in a too shaded spot and I think that will look lovely next to the grevalia, and should get big enough to deter dogs/people from cutting through that side.

I didn't want to go nuts on plants or rocks, just in case someone decided to pull something.  This hasn't happened before, but I worry being next to the sidewalk.  We did have someone snag a solar light down by the tree.  Speaking of trees - there are 2 huge trees -that haven't dropped their leaves yet- so I wanted to go with rock to easily clean up all the debris.  Simple and I do love russelia equisetiformis.  So do the hummingbirds.
Dappled shade until the leaves drop.  Simple plants, sedum, hummingbird mint, gazania, etc.  I'm hoping this fills in come Spring.  Still, it's neater than all the mess that was there.  

I gathered a few bigger rocks from Arroyo Creek, and borrowed some from the back garden.  Threw in a few bags from Home Depot.
So you can see my suffering, all these leaves !

Dr. Feelgood took a break from his busy schedule to approve of the work.

Anyone doing any makeovers?  Did you get any rain from the atmospheric river?  


  1. it looks great! I am glad you took that plant out by the side in the front! and awww dr looks so cute

    1. Thank you! It was so messy, and I was overlooking it. *Next time, I'm taking you & Ivan to collect rocks down by the creek, lol!

  2. Phormiums can get out of control! I've eyed a few of them in my own front garden for possible removal but I haven't yet accepted the idea. Your makeover looks great. The only wholesale makeover I've got planned is a succulent bed in front of our garage but I won't tackle that until my trees get their annual pruning. The tree service just gave me a date for that and it's going to happen sooner than I'd anticipated so I'll be plunging ahead by early November it seems, ready or not!

    No atmospheric river down this way, darn it. There's a slight chance of drizzle this weekend but I'm not counting on it.

    1. I really should try to get the tree trimmed now while the leaves are still attached. You are always one or two steps ahead! We did get a bit of rain overnight/this am - I was shocked.

  3. That rework looks great! It is nice to have a little extra space around your garden and it looks nicely maintained by you city. Here the Phormium mealybug killed off mine--oh well, time for something new. :) They were so huge I don't miss them. I'm unable to comment on my own blog--I hope this works. --hb from pieceofeden

    1. Ugh, sorry you're having problems commenting. Yes -agreed, I don't miss the Phormium a bit.


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