Falling into Fall.  We're still hitting just under 90's, but it cools off so early in the evenings it really doesn't feel it.  Livermore lows are high 50's right now.  Overall, I've been neglecting inside but did end up painting my bedroom after a much needed closet purge.  More importantly, after repotting my philodendron squamiferum and changing locations - she's pushing out a beautiful leaf!    *the paint color is bold, but I love it!  This room has 3 windows and lots of white trim.

Look at the PINK!  

Outside- here are some fun before and afters...

None of the flowers made it through the heat, lol.  I'm always shocked to look back at pictures to see the actual growth that can happen over 4-5 months. It's really amazing.

After (difference placement) but look at those "hip bones" that were grown in just a year!
Some random blooms, which I feel a bit short on at the moment.  Always pretty, Lisianthus
Penstemon, and coreopsis.
Gomphrena really keeping things together in the front.
With ONE bloom from a typically very floriferous dahlia.  Hmph.
I suppose alltogether it isn't so bad.
I was trying to photograph this vivid orchid bloom - caught the preying mantis that lives in it.

Can't remember what this is, so vivid purple I love it.

And all of the Aster Novae-Angliae 'Harrington's Pink" are blooming beautifully.  Nice and tall about 3'.  
Camille, the house bunny with her mouf full.

The leaves are falling already, I need to do quite a bit of raking - I always debate if I should just wait until the trees drop ALL their leaves.  I think this year I'll try to do a bit as we go.  

A quick trip to take Miss O back to school in Santa Barbara next week.  Not enough time to stop at LotusLand or Aloes In Wonderland, BUT I vow to do both sometime this year.

Any trips planned?  What is your biggest clean-up this time of year?


  1. Our daytime highs are lower (70s and 80s) and our nighttime lows (60s) are higher than yours but we're feeling the creep of fall too. The only leaves falling en masse here are those of the ornamental pear but they're plenty annoying. I've started cutting back things like my overblown, bloomed out Salvias and my Osteospermums, which should start flowering again soon in response to the cooler temperatures.

    I love your house bunny - I assume Camille and Dr Feelgood get along well. The praying mantis is good at hiding him/herself - I had to take a second look at the photo to see the clever creature. I think the plant in the 12th photo is a Scaevola.

    1. Yes, trimming back salvia's, penstemons & speedwell here too. Camille and Dr. do get along - I think she loves him more than the other way around. She is a bit too hoppy & spinny for him. lol. Scaevola, you're so right on! Thank you, I grabbed it at Alden Lane and had no idea how lovely it would be.

  2. Very cool sculptural shape to that Philo. The pink leaf adds the finishing touch. Considering the level of your summer heat, your garden holds up to it remarkably well.

    So much to chop here after double the normal yearly rainfall. Don't mind though--better than drought!

    1. Double ! Our average is about 14.5"and was 23" this past year. That felt considerably heavy - it looks like we'll get it again this winter. It is better than drought, altho I've switched some cacti to pot only so I can move them out of winter wet. Whereabouts are you?

  3. Wow, you are still very warm, aren't you? We are starting to cool into the 70s and 80s. September is a beautiful month here in S. Wisconsin, but I'm always sad to see summer start to fade. You have some gorgeous succulents and potted plants. Thanks for sharing!


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