Yeah!  A beautiful agave macroacantha to replace the rotted one!  Can you guess - did I go get gloves and patiently remove the compostable styrofoam or just dig in?  lol

Beautiful, and a boost in size!

Agave Joe Hoak rebounding from the wet & cold winter.  Will take a bit before he's pulled himself together, but the new growth looks nice.  I moved him from above the pool slope (which is a bit of a brutal area) and he's been in the corner by the fence for some extra protection and heat.

So pretty & unscathed ~ what a tough guy!

Agave macroacantha tucked in!

Lots of clean-up, hours of this...

Not gardening related, but to keep my mind off of Tuesday's rain I painted the downstairs bedroom a nice dusty desert blush color.  Wall doo-dads still need to be put back up.  

Another loss.  A large 3' Agave Vilmoriniana rotted, I was surprised that it made it through 11 atmospheric rivers, but the 12th was one too many.  R.I.P. 
Sunny signs of spring, leucodendron always a bright spot in winter.

                       Cotinus coggygria, Royal Purple Smokebush x3 are beginning to leaf out.  

Spirea leafing out and looking stunning.  Every year I find a preying mantis egg hidden in this particular spirea, they really prefer it.  

Dr.  feeling very pensive about the evening rain.


  1. It's so great when you find an agave - especially a nice-sized one - to replace one you loved and lost. I'm sorry you also lost the octopus agave. With all the rain we've had I've worried about rot but, so far so good. However, I have 3 agaves, including one Agave vilmoriniana, that developed bloom stalks this year, which is an odd coincidence. Your Dr is very handsome.

    1. Yes, I got lucky on etsy - the replacement was bigger than I expected. A bloom on your octopus, that's exciting. I was shocked it rotted, it had been holding up (I thought) so well. I miss his branching arms in that spot. TY, lol we do call him Mr. Handsome from time to time!

  2. Agave macroacantha is such a looker, I wish it were hardier! I lost another agave this week (Sharkskin), this is a bad bad year for agave lovers.

    1. NOOOO! I read that Ruth Bancroft kept a (40 page!) long list of all the plants she lost to a freeze one year. I really don't want to know. Damn on the Sharkskin! Agree, it was a tough winter.

  3. A. macroacantha is a really pretty one at all stages. Bravo your 'Joe Hoak' survived the rain. Your garden is looking good--so tidy!--and the Leucodendron looks really happy. Wonderful plants they are.

    Nice paint color, too. White-white interiors which are so prevalent at the moment are rather stark.

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to starting on the middle bed - digging perennials out today. I will try to ignore thoughts of the next rainstorm on the way. :). Triumphant Joe Hoak, I thought he was a goner, I need to find him the princess spot - not too cold, not too wet. He deserves it. I agree, all white is not for me either!


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