Time to get dirty!

3 yards of top soil (I knew 2 wouldn't really be enough) and 1 yard of California Gold 3/8 (looks a bit smaller than 3/8 but that's great).

I spent most of the day wheelbarrowing heaps round to the back, but because I had to stop to remove plants AND part of the old duck enclosure I forgot was buried oops I didn't move as much as I hoped.  Removing my shoes every time I had to go inside for a saw or clippers was the most annoying, lol.  

I had selected about 16 rocks/small boulders to be delivered in the topsoil.  Lucky they loaded them first and they ended up on top.  Could I finagle them to drop right onto the handcart?  Some I can pick up, but about half I cannot.  To the right of our house (where the grass is) is a walking path/old fire lane.  This is closed for through traffic and is used by walkers, runners and good dogs & babies getting their walks.  

Sweet, sweet gravity!  

I'm so happy these were on top, I believe I have placed the largest of them.  The portable greenhouse is giving the pachypodium lamarei some extra warmth.  I'm hoping this helps it leaf out sooner rather than later, as our temps are still lower than average.

Doesn't look like I got much accomplished, I think about 1/3?  Am headed back out this morning to see how far I can go today.  I'm filling in a bit of the path on the left side,  and will add a small path through the middle of the bed to connect to the other side.  Still work/thought in process on that.  There is a path that runs along the base of the slope as well.

A great day of hard labour, and a fun evening with a few hours of Music Bingo and some wine.  I thought this card was a winner for sure, with all these Stevie Nicks songs how could it not be?  In the end I needed Ain't if Fun for a horizontal bingo or Alone.  Sadly, I was denied the win.

The good Dr., helping.


  1. That's a LOT of work! It's very impressive that you've already made so much progress. Because we can't block the neighborhood road, I have to have soil/mulch deliveries dropped in our driveway, which means that my husband and I have to hustle to move it, adding to the hassle. (That's my excuse for dragging my heels about getting a mulch order in this year anyway...) Your boulders are impressive too - no cactus/succulent gardener can have enough rocks in my view ;)

    1. Yes, it is nice to dump right in front. But I always wonder if I should have it put on the driveway - it's sloped, it might save me some effort. I wish I could've tripled the rocks/boulders! Totally agree with you, the rocks make it all work. I'm anxious to start planting.


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