This post is as messy as my yard, but it's that time of year!  I am in full Spring Clean mode.  I'm thankful for the warmer sunny weather!  I had 2 barrels rot in the slope, luckily found replacements at Ace Hardware.  Roughly the same size as the barrels that met their demise, and affordable.  So much detritus after the wind storm, I filled one refuse green can and am nowhere near done.  

Planted a few of these wall containers, some compartments I planted with seed - chives, nasturtiums, etc.  Will take a bit to fill in, but I do like looking at this instead of fencing.  Not very impressive lol.  They do look better in person.

These smaller metal containers are lying flat on the ground until the cuttings I plucked in have some roots to hold. 

The larger one, a little messy 😆.  I was out for hours, and feel like I barely got anything done.  Endless projects, but I do love that.

The palm spathe filled with succulents is in a protected spot by the house, but usually sits as centerpiece on the outdoor dining table.  The colors are beautiful.  

Dr. Feelgood understanding the assignment, sitting on the sitting rock.


  1. Yesterday was wonderfully warm and sunny down here in the southern part of the state too, and I spent my day much the same way. A good find on the replacement barrel cactus. I bought myself a pocket planter a year or so ago and still haven't planted it so I'll look to you for inspiration.

    1. Yes, I've been outside every moment possible! Today (Tuesday 3/21) it is pouring again. But with the promise of more sun for the remainder of the week, I am trying to stay positive. I envy your warmer temps!


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