Random drop of recent pics.  I am hoping to get to Cochran Landscape today to order the topsoil for the back bed reno, as the next few days looks sunny dry and hopeful!  I'll take a gander at the rocks as well to drop a few in the order.  The evening hummingbird feeding frenzy is going strong.

Bright buds on mammillaria senilis.  

The aeoniums are so fresh & beautiful right now.  With aloe marlothii -smooth.

All the Dudleyas doing what they do best right now, Dudleya caespitosa has easily tripled in size since planting 2022.

S & I couldn't leave without moving a tree, lol.  A palm in the slope fell due to the wind/rain.  Second chances.  The anchor pot holds a poor decapitated rainbow eucalyptus I had to chop last summer.  It is coming back to life, even in it's horrible disfigurement :(.  

Peek-a-boo, cute bloom from aloe divaricata.  

My buddy.


  1. Adorable hummingbirds. This weekend one flew right over my head when we were relocating the tree! I felt the wind from it's wings. It was so gorgeous and sunny- I am looking forward to that at the end of the rain.

    1. Me too! So great to wake up to sunny skies this morning :). Good job on all the homework, you are amazing!

  2. I hope the palm - and the poor Eucalyptus - make it!


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